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Shako Media has evolved and matured over the years to provide you with top-notch designs and quality/time invested to make sure they mesh into the website of your dreams. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss what you\’re looking for. We are here to turn your vision into a reality.

Unlimited Customizations

Every website has a framework but that framework does not necessarily has to be the same which potentially makes any website unique. This is why we provide numerous elements such widgets and plugins to comply to your needs. Just a few of our most popular requests include eCommerce solutions, contacts, event locators, slideshows, RSS content feeds, and advertising. Our experience and knowledge library enables us to customize your website and meet your needs without any inconvenience.


The team at Shako Media designs and develops all sites with responsive design. Responsive Website Design intuitively knows what screen size your customers are using and adjusts content and page elements accordingly. Your visitors can be on their PC, tablet, or smartphone and your website will intelligently respond to fit the device’s screen size.


Transform your website into a sleek and modern online eCommerce store. Delivering full-fledged quality & functionality will be our main focus. The team is here to help you start, build, and proper your business in the most efficient way possible. Whether it be a small business to a large corporation, we are here to assists you to reach your goals.

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